Celebrating Métis History with Sustainable Fashion Celebrating Métis History with Sustainable Fashion

Métis culture is rich and diverse, but it is often underrepresented in the broader Canadian narrative. This is where comes in. Founded by Métis entrepreneur Anthony Wingham, is a Métis history apparel brand that celebrates this unique Canadian culture through sustainable fashion. In this blog post, we’ll explore how is contributing to the sustainable fashion industry and showcasing Métis history in a meaningful way.

Anthony Wingham is a proud Métis entrepreneur who has combined his passion for his culture and his love of fashion to create This unique apparel brand began in 2021, with a mission to create sustainable fashion that also celebrates Métis culture. However, Anthony didn't want to stop at just celebrating the culture; he also wanted to contribute to preserving it. That's why all of his designs are based on historical Métis events and are accompanied by detailed descriptions to educate consumers.

One of the most significant ways that has contributed to sustainability within the fashion industry is by operating via a made-to-order process. This process allows Anthony to avoid waste and only produce what is necessary to fulfill orders. Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to textile waste, so what is doing through its sustainable, made-to-order model is really impactful. In addition to this, Anthony also strives to use materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. has not only contributed to sustainability within the industry, but it has also given the Métis community an opportunity to showcase and celebrate its unique history. The garments that creates are adorned with graphic designs that incorporate Métis symbols and traditional beadwork. These designs are meaningful and add an element of cultural pride to the clothing. With each piece of clothing purchased, customers are not only receiving a high-quality garment but also a piece of Métis history.


One of the things that stands out the most about is how involved Anthony is in the design process. He focuses on creating designs that are true to Métis culture while also being fashion-forward. The designs are also based on historical research and inspired by artifacts and important historical figures from Métis culture. This research-based approach to design ensures that each item is truly representative of the Métis community. has done an excellent job of creating a sustainable option within the fashion industry while also celebrating Métis culture. Every garment sold is a piece of history that showcases this unique culture. Anthony has found a way to blend his passion for fashion with his cultural identity, and in the process, he is contributing to preserving and celebrating Métis heritage. With its commitment to sustainability and supporting local communities, is an apparel brand that represents a more conscious and mindful approach to the fashion industry.

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