Sustainability And Responsibility At

Sustainability And Responsibility At

At we believe in doing things the right way.

Improving one print at a time What is it that motivates us to improve?

Sustainability is important to our consumers, our employees, and the earth. We also know that there is no easy resolution to the apparel industry's environmental issues. Take a peek at our sustainability timeline to learn more about our initiatives.

The goal of is to make on-demand manufacturing the norm on a world with limited resources and boundless ideas. Because it's a big undertaking, we're tackling it piecemeal. Sustainability is a never-ending process of improvement for us.

To safeguard the environment, the fashion industry must undertake major reforms. With print-on-demand, we want to reduce manufacturing waste.

Every purchase, no matter how modest or large, leaves a trace. You get to pick and choose what you buy. We aim to assist you in making an informed decision about the imprint you wish to leave on the earth. The fashion sector is responsible for 85% of all textile waste that is disposed of in landfills, making it a significant environmental contributor. One out of every five clothing is thrown away before it has even been worn once. Your clothing will be made to order, reducing the amount of fabric that would otherwise be discarded in the process.

All garment purchases dispatched from our in-house facilities will be packaged using post-consumer recycled plastics starting in May 2021. They have also eliminated packing completely and adopted triangular cardboard boxes for poster orders in lieu of tubes with plastic end caps.

Sustainability in numbers

  • 62,579 lb. Weight of plastic caps saved
  • 377,278 lb. Weight of fabrics recycled in 2021
  • 81% Orders fulfilled and shipped locally

81 percent of orders are delivered in the same location in where they're made, which is efficient. Having fulfillment hubs near to our clients helps our company and the environment at the same time. Faster shipment times and reduced shipping costs are made possible by strategically positioned fulfillment centers, as is a reduction in the amount of CO2 emitted during the conveyance of goods. Produced just as required Manufacturers and consumers must work together to cut down on fashion waste. You may have a positive impact on the planet by purchasing items that are manufactured to order.

The longer a product lasts, the higher the quality. We conduct durability, wash, and wear testing on all new items before releasing them to the market. Reducing the number of new purchases is a necessary side effect of creating durable items. High-quality items with bright print colors and soft, breathable fabrics are produced by suppliers we collaborate with. You can find out more about some of our most popular clothing suppliers, as well as their environmental information and certifications, in our garment brand guide. Every product in our catalog now has a Source page that informs you about the manufacturer and country of origin. This year, we want to make our product sourcing process more open. All of our eco-friendly items are eligible for GOTS and OEKO-TEX product certifications.

Based on 25607 customer reviews, the average rating for this product is 4.64/5.

Our eco-friendly product line is expanding in response to client demand. Over time, we hope to introduce more environmentally friendly items, having already launched 20 in 2021. also provides recyclable polyester fabric for bespoke printing. At least 30 percent of the products in our eco-friendly product line are created from sustainable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is used on many of our items for its efficiency in printing. As a result of DTG, ink is sprayed into the garment, allowing it to soak in better, resulting in a longer-lasting print. Please contact us at if you have any questions concerning the differences between DTG and other printing techniques.

Growth-oriented and eager to learn. Every day is a good day to celebrate and appreciate each other's contributions.

Creating a pleasant and accessible work environment is a top priority at since our employees are the most important part of our business. Because we provide remote work possibilities, we are able to recruit a more diverse workforce and reduce the environmental effect of our daily drive.
In order to find innovative and more ecologically friendly ways of doing things, our suppliers have formed Green Teams made up of representatives from each of their locations. As a team, they're constantly improving our recycling system and informing our colleagues about the best practices of sustainability. Any new suppliers personnel entering the fulfillment team will begin undergoing recycling training in late 2020. Each facility's waste streams were measured in 2021, and they are currently trying to reduce waste and enhance recycling.

to reduce the amount of paper we use, we should:

  • Use LED lights and recycle all kinds of materials, including paper, plastic, batteries, and electronic waste
  • Process as many documents as possible electronically
  • Organize walking and cycling challenges to encourage people to take an environmentally friendly mode of transportation
  • Operate with honesty and continuously try to be better
  • Not scared to ask challenging questions and go against the trend
  • Give back to our community and workers

We've created a Code of Conduct because we want our relationships to reflect our core values, and we want to make sure that everyone knows what those values are. Our supply chain rules for our partners are included in this document. In a nutshell, the ideals of are geared on enhancing production sustainability, assisting workers and communities, combating global warming, and upholding high ethical standards in the workforce.

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