Welcome To Metisprint.ca

Welcome To Metisprint.ca

There are a plethora of websites and companies that are dedicated to Metis history, culture, and legacy, among other things. But what was the impetus for the founding of metisprint.ca, and why did we choose to concentrate only on Metis history? Let's take a look at our backgrounds and motives for a moment.

Metisprint.ca was formed in 2022 by Anthony Wingham, a Cree Metis who is also interested about Metis history, culture, and tradition. Anthony Wingham is the founder and CEO of metisprint.ca. He made the decision to develop a website to emphasize and share this information with others. Rather than having non-Metis historians or authors tell the narrative of the Metis, Anthony wanted to make sure that the tale was portrayed from a Metis viewpoint.

The site has continued to develop as a result of the numerous supporters who make it possible for it to exist. The tales and designs on our website are inspired by not just our forefathers' long and illustrious history, but also by many other Metis and indigenous families from throughout the world. metisprint.ca  has taken a trip into the past to bring some of the 'Whitford Clan's' long-forgotten stories to life by examining our ancestor's diaries and bringing their words to design.

metisprint.ca was established with the goal of disseminating information on Metis history, culture, and legacy from a Metis point of view. We feel that it is important for people to understand and learn about our experience in order to contribute to the development of a more diverse society. Information and resources about Metis history, as well as art and storytelling made by Metis, are available on our website. If you would want to understand more about the Metis people, we encourage you to look at our website.

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